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I first met Eve A. Wood, M.D. over 8 years ago, when I was the CFO at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, and she was our Medical Director. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with her. She brought leadership skills of compassion, collegiality, focus and enthusiasm for excellence to our organization.

Through her hard work, and skill in creating strong interpersonal relationships, she built a top notch clinical team and program for our patients. She developed multiple clinical tracks at the Eating Disorder Center, based on the tenets of medically informed coaching, with healing and empowering at the core. Our patients and their family members expressed, again and again, that they had finally found a physician who truly cared, and was listening to their needs, during a time of crisis and challenge in their lives.

Eve is an outstanding colleague, and friend. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She has an uncanny ability to quickly discern the needs of individuals and organizations, and expeditiously meet those needs. But, most importantly, she brings compassion and caring to everyone she deals with.

Anita M. Walker, CPA

CFO CareConnect, LLC and former Chief Financial Officer, Eating Disorder Center of Denver