Let’s Get to Work: Options

Are You Ready to Realize Your Potential and Create the Life You Want?

Do you know what is holding you back? Perhaps you know the answer, but you have a lack clarity on how to address those obstacles. Or, perhaps you don’t know what is keeping you stuck, and need guidance to identify and change it. Or, just maybe, which is often the case, what you think is holding you back is not the culprit at all!

Well-being expert Eve Wood offers a series of options to help you create the life you want! You will have a free discovery call with Dr./Coach Eve Wood to learn how she can help you, before engaging her services.

Every option offered can be tailored to your unique needs, and constraints, like doing some on-line work, and over the phone sessions, for those of you far away.

The human toll of executive careers goes largely unrecognized until highly skilled professionals find themselves in personal or professional crisis. I have personally observed Dr. Eve Wood work with leaders and professionals of all stripes to avert and mitigate these crises. A Cornell and University of Pennsylvania trained psychiatrist with vast experience, Dr. Wood is masterful at building deep, enduring and trusting relationships and working within those relationships to coach and empower individuals. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Eve Wood in various capacities, including when I was COO of Porter Hospital and she was a Medical Director there, for the better part of a decade. I enthusiastically endorse her without reservation. She is a gifted individual who has proven herself invaluable as a mentor and coach in my personal and professional life.

Dave K. Dookeeram, FACHE, FHM

Senior VP Operations Dispatch Health

Benefits You Will Receive From All Options:

Clarity about what matters to you.

The advice and guidance of an expert.

Personalized support to help you define the issues, and navigate the obstacles more successfully.

Increased capacity to see and transform the deep-rooted causes of your distress.

Fresh perspective on challenges.

Greater sense of control, confidence, and ability to move forward.

Hope! And connection!

Clarity on your goals, and next steps.

A champion, totally committed to meeting you where you are, and helping you get where you want to go.

1) Comprehensive Assessment and Consultation

A 2-3-hour one-off opportunity (with option for follow-up) to consult with Integrative Physician, Life and Executive Coach, and Well-Being Champion, Eve A. Wood, M.D. on any number of topics of concern to you. This can be done in the greater Denver area, or by phone and on-line if necessary.

You Will:

Have a comprehensive assessment and review.

Leave with written feedback, and suggestions.

Gain clarity and perspective on your situation.

Examine where you are in life with a focus on health, emotional and physical balance, fulfillment and joy.

Cover your agenda.

Identify options for moving forward.

Bring any medical records, therapy notes, journals, art-work, performance reviews, list of questions to your session.

Feel more in control.

Feel more calm and joy.

2) 1:1 Private Coaching with Your Well-Being Champion

A one-on-one opportunity to work with Personal, Executive, and Well-Being Coach, Eve A. Wood, M.D. This can be done in person (ideally) or in coaching calls.

An ideal option for doctors, lawyers, professional women, leaders, and well-being seekers, who want personalized, private help, they can schedule around their demanding lives!

You Will:

Share and embrace challenges in a private, safe and proactive place.

All worries and concerns are open for discussion.

You will get the help, support, answers and guidance you need.

Have ongoing support, tailored to your unique needs and constraints.

Partner with an expert, to assess where you are now, and chart a personalized course for transformation.

Discover that no problem is too big or small.

Feel more in control.

Transform your life for good.

Decide, with guidance, on a specific plan, as well as frequency and length of visits, and time course to achieve your goals.

Discover that anything is possible.

Face your fears and meet your challenges head on.

3) Full Day or even Two-Day Intensive: Assessment, Review and Intervention

A one-on-one opportunity to come to the greater Denver area, and spend a full day, or more with Well-Being Coach Eve A. Wood, M.D.

An ideal option for doctors, lawyers, professional women, senior executives, and well-being seekers who live at a distance from Denver, and want to engage in a deep dive, personalized, private review of where they are, with the opportunity to begin an intensive intervention process.

Details of this offering can include all those described in the Assessment and Consultation package, as well as those in the on-going coaching.

What’s Included:

Intervention to be tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Gain clarity and perspective on your situation.

Step out of your routine to gain the perspective that comes from being away.

Meals, massages, and other supports can be built into this program.

Feel more in control.

Face your fears and meet your challenges head on.

Opportunity for continued work remotely, with optional recharge sessions down the road.

Identify options for moving forward.

Feel more calm and joy.

Retreats and Sharing Circles

These offerings are designed to build connection, community, sharing and learning for groups of similar profession, or need. These evolve over time, and have been offered for physicians, attorneys, women professionals, leaders and emerging leaders, and well-being seekers. If you are interested in participating in such an offering, please let me know so you can be added to the list for next session!