Who I Help and Why: Well-Being Seekers

You Deserve Wellness

I am worried about your well-being and mine. We are victims of a health care system gone rogue. Organizations looking to make a profit off our illnesses and vulnerabilities are getting richer and richer. Yet, we are getting more and more unwell. Our highly dysfunctional medical system has turned the art of healing into an arsenal of profit, where everybody does well, except the patient!

As a Well-Being Seeker, you want to be well, and are trying to get there. You want health, fitness, joy, peace, serenity, clarity, and energy. But, you may be taking more medicines than before, and feeling sicker. You may weigh too much, drink too much, have sleep problems, be uber-stressed, or feel constantly exhausted. You may be going through a period of transition, or loss, that is wiping you out. Yet, when you seek help, you are given diagnoses and labels, and prescribed more stuff to take, at great personal, and financial cost. It is nearly impossible for you to find help or guidance to navigate life’s challenges, with a minimal reliance on taking stuff.

You want partners, champions, and information you can trust. You want guidance that empowers and supports your capacity to heal, education and direction that helps you feel better, and someone willing to take the time to understand you.

I first met Dr. Eve Wood nearly 38 years ago, when we were both medical students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. As a practicing gynecologist, I have referred Eve many patients over the years. Her patients adore her! When she moved out west from Philadelphia, many of her clients continued to maintain ongoing phone consultation with her: She could help them gain insight and problem-solve in ways that are unique, and she cared about them in a way that was hard to reproduce.

Eve has a wide breadth of life experience that allows her to share a personal perspective on many issues, and she loves learning from others. She is compassionate, thoughtful, trustworthy, reliable, and wise. She is my ideal physician, friend and coach. Eve is a great go-to person when times are challenging or tough, or when you are looking for someone to celebrate your successes! I am deeply grateful to have her in my life, and think you will be too.

Deborah Schrager


A Safe Space

I am committed to doing my part to make your life better. I want to help you take charge of your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. I believe in your resiliency, and have spent 35 years in medicine learning what truly makes sense, and what does not. Most of what supports well-being conflicts with what you are told to do.

I love working with well-being seekers, and hate the pain you are in right now. It can be different. There are private, safe, individual solutions to it all. But the first and foremost step, is bridging the isolation you feel, to let the healing begin.

You need one-on-one safe places to share your struggles, outside the universe where it is reportable, or public in any way. I offer that in a Well-Being Coaching experience. No insurance, no medical record, no diagnosis!

You need validation, education about what helps, tools, and a champion or two! You need forums to share and gain support from others. I offer Retreats, and Group Support/Empowerment Sessions. Again, all private, and outside the medical model.

I love learning from those I champion, and look forward to learning from, and with, you!

The Status Quo

For as long as I can remember, I have been confused by the status quo. And, that has not been easy! Fitting in makes a lot of things go better, in the short run. And, I was routinely unsettled. Although I did well in medical school, and in my subsequent professional training, I struggled with what I was being taught. I could learn the stuff, manipulate it, and give it back as requested.

But, my own experiences, and observations, seemed to contradict many of the teachings. The dictates seemed to simplify, provide authoritative answers, and generalize what I saw as more individual, nuanced and mysterious. My own personal life journey, and my experiences with patients, belied the validity of one model and intervention after another. And, I was forever troubled by the lack of respect for the complexity of existence.

I know that when I accept myself just the way I am, I allow myself to heal.

There is Always Help; There is Always Hope

Here is an example. As a psychiatrist in training, I was taught to view personal reliance on faith or religion as a weakness. I was discouraged from discussing religious beliefs as helpful with my patients. But, my faith had helped me through some pretty tough times. And, I saw the same thing to be true for a lot of my patients.

That disconnect, between what I was being taught, and what my experience conveyed, was troubling. I felt the need to do my part to blow the myth up. So, I took time off from full-time practice to write the book There’s Always Help; There’s Always Hope: An Award-Winning Psychiatrist Shows You How to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Of course, it is about the healing potential of spirituality for some, and is told through patient stories.

The book won a lot of awards, and helped me get a series of subsequent book deals. While that experience was validating, I do not think those positive results came about because I am so great or brilliant. Rather, I was willing to step out, and challenge the prevailing wisdom. And, a lot of people related to the stories and point of view I was sharing. I was the instrument really. The book burst out of me, and I could not live with myself, had I not written it.

We Grow, We Heal

Curiosity is the key to creativity, and meaning. It is foundational to well-being, as a result. If you are reading this, you have probably always been a well-being seeker. You just can’t seem to buy what is sold to you, hook, line and sinker. We are alike. You want to find what works for you. And, I have never been willing to accept rubbish suggestions and answers for myself, family members, friends, or patients!

In searching, we discover enduring truths. We grow. We heal. I am proud of you for your continued searching, and welcome the opportunity to be one of your Well-Being Champions, in your self-care project. Contact me to see how I can be of help!

With love and gratitude for you and your curiosity,

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