Who I Help and Why: Attorneys

Create the Life You Want

I am worried about you, and want to help. Lawyers are not doing well as a group. You are in a state of crisis. You are depressed, anxious, stressed, burned out, and even prone to suicide at a very high rate. I am committed to doing my part to make your life better. I love working with attorneys, and hate the pain that you are in right now. It can be different. There are private, safe, individual solutions to it all. But the first and foremost step, is bridging the isolation you feel, to let the healing begin.

You need one-on-one safe places to share your struggles, outside the universe where it is reportable, or public in any way. I offer that in an Attorney’s Well-Being Coaching experience. No insurance, no medical record, no diagnosis!

You need validation, education about what helps, tools, and a champion or two!

You need forums to share and support one another. I offer Retreats, and Group Support/Empowerment Sessions. Again, all private, and outside the medical model.

I love learning from those I champion, and look forward to learning from, and with, you!

I have known Dr. Eve Wood for twenty-five years. Her wisdom and counsel have been invaluable to me as my life and career as a lawyer progressed over time. She taught me things that no one taught me before, enriching my personal, family, and professional lives.

Eve is a humanist who has many gifts. She is non-judgmental, gentle in manner, direct, sensitive, positive, empowering, and not wedded to one philosophy or magic formula for success. She brings everything she has to the table to work as a one-on-one partner in tackling the work before her.

Her boundaries are strong, she is unwaveringly ethical and principled, and trustworthy, all traits that are imperative in integrative medicine and executive coaching. Eve focuses her attention one hundred percent of the time on the person she is working with. There are no distractions, no interruptions, no phone calls taken. Her only agenda is to use all her skills all the time to help her client grow in discovering and achieving his or her objectives. Eve will hold your soul in her hands and introduce you to your own beauty and gifts where you might not have known them.

Sherry E. Baskin, Esq.

Recently retired Senior Corporate Executive

The Need for Help

I have always been drawn to helping lawyers. I seem to understand and relate to your difficulties. Maybe, because I have had some of the same ones. Perfectionism, an ability to work to the point of exhaustion, an attachment to winning and creating a fabulous argument, the capacity to hyper-focus to the point of ignoring self-care and balance, and the ability to get into a negative and pessimistic place before realizing it! Like you, I am vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and the ability to lose perspective. And, it has been super hard for me to admit difficulty, “failure”, or the need for help.

One of my favorite professors at Cornell undergrad, kept trying to convince me to go to law school, telling me I would make a great lawyer. But, I did not want to do it. Why? Because I found some of the qualities that might have made me good at it, were the ones that made me feel unsettled, unbalanced, and unwell. I wanted to shift those within myself, and to help others do the same. Today, I am much more settled, balanced, and optimistic than I was back then. But, I remain passionate about helping others find well-being. And, if you are like most attorneys in the U.S. today, you need help!

There is an extremely high rate of burnout/depression among your cohorts. Many, perhaps you too, went into law to represent justice, but find it is far from what you are doing. My brother, a senior attorney recently said to me: “Law basically doesn’t work. Being done wrong and seeking redress is not what happens. It is often more expensive to fight to win, than to lose. Cases are decided based on money, not merit. Less than 1% are on merit”.

Make Your Life Work

Your industry puts pressure on you to work excessively, and bill more and more. The emphasis is on making money, not “doing the right thing”. Beyond that, you often experience relationship challenges, because there is a disconnect between what makes you good at your practice, and what makes your life work. Good versus bad, right versus wrong, winner versus loser mentality, and a tendency to discredit the other might serve you well in your work, but can simultaneously blow up your home/relationship life. You are meant to be smart but not sensitive, brilliant but not caring, powerful and not weak! Sadly, those dictates, which might make you a good lawyer, are toxic to your mental and physical well-being.

I thrive in an atmosphere of love.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Lawyers, like physicians, experience a very high rate of depression, anxiety, substance abuse/dependence and suicide. Admitting challenge or defeat, hopelessness, or need, is seen as a weakness. So, you often tough it out to the point of crisis, or even death!

Having a private place to get help, support and guidance can make the difference between a life well-lived, and a life prematurely disrupted or ended!

I have treated attorneys as patients for years. And, it has always been something to keep secret, to report nowhere, to worry about. So, I have decided to offer my services in a coaching, not treatment, capacity!

Today, lawyers in pain are starting to speak up, and out, as a group. I am proud of you for this step. And, I welcome the opportunity to be one of your Well-Being Champions in your self-care project. Contact me to see how I can be of help!

With love and gratitude for what you offer us all,


A Quick Look at Wellness and Satisfaction

In 2016 the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation conducted a study that included nearly 13,000 currently practicing lawyers. In addition to the results outlined below, the study also found that lawyers struggled with many other difficulties, including social alienation, work addiction, sleep deprivation, job dissatisfaction, and thoughts of suicide.








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