How I Help You Move Forward

It’s Time to Embrace the Challenge

If you feel stuck, confused, unbalanced, alone, unwell, anxious, less than, overwhelmed by sadness, hopelessness, exhaustion or burnout, or if you fear that your professional and interpersonal relationships are strained and maybe even on the verge of collapse, I can help you. I have been helping others like you, with those same challenges, for 35 years. I know what works!

Embracing our challenges and difficulties allows our personal right answers to emerge.

You are not alone. Many people are struggling with comparable issues. You are dealing with problems that are pervasive in our society. There are simple, practical, accessible solutions that are right for you! And, we can find them together. There is hope.

I first met Eve when she joined the medical staff of the hospital I worked at serving as the Chief Medical Officer. She immediately impressed me with her intellect, passion, leadership, spirit and desire to provide great patient care and help people. But what impressed me most about her was her heart. Here was a physician, a woman who genuinely cared. I have seen her pursue care for patients that is truly lifesaving. I have been honored to work with her for the last few years and am certain that any endeavor she engages in will be with professionalism, integrity, optimism and most of all, heart. Eve is the type of person that, when I saw her name on my calendar, I would think to myself “Good, I get to see Eve today”. Whether you engage Eve as a coach, consultant or physician colleague, I am certain you will be pleased that you made the decision to connect with her. I recommend Dr. Wood to you with my highest recommendation.

Thomas R Drake MD

Recently retired CMO

Reset, Rebalance

You can feel better. You can reset, rebalance and transform your life and your relationships. By engaging in a deeply grounded, science based, holistic, personalized, and integrative approach to growth and renewal, you can regain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. You can create a life defined by authenticity, happiness, contentment, balance, joy, and resilience, even in the face of the negative forces that permeate modern life.

Our brokenness allows our inner light to shine through. Our imperfections connect us to one another.

How I’m Different

My approach, while grounded in science and medicine, is different from the standard approach of traditional forms of psychiatry, coaching or counseling. I am an integrative psychiatrist with a wealth of experience, who has left the traditional medical model of current day practice, out of my concern about the over-reliance on medication, and its tendency to do “to you” instead of enabling you and your innate capacity to transform and heal. I have chosen to become a Well-Being Champion. My mission is to empower you to create the life you most want, to help you through the challenges that feel insurmountable, and to enable you to be a force for good in your life and the world.

The Science of Happiness

I am a firm believer in the science of happiness, and in the data, that shows we are wired for authenticity. Your inner wisdom is brilliant. Because your brain continues to rewire itself throughout life, you have amazing capacity to evolve and create well-being. In today’s universe, you are confronted with a myriad of solutions for all that ails you. Yet much of what you are told cannot be trusted. You do need guidance to sort what marketing messages and ideas make sense for you and your challenges. And, I can help you develop and personalize a plan.

I believe that all healing is relational, and requires a deep approach and respect for your inner wisdom. You can identify and shed the negative elements that are preventing you from actualizing your potential. You can find and nurture your beautiful inner sparks! Embracing the challenge means giving yourself permission, and the opportunity, to identify the changes that need to happen, and allowing yourself to engage fully in the process. You can improve your life, in ways that now seem impossible or unachievable. You have the ability and capacity to transform and heal yourself, and I am passionate about guiding you through that process.

Sadness, Hopelessness And Despair

If you are physically, mentally and emotionally hobbled by pervasive and seemingly insurmountable depression, even routine and mundane tasks can feel like a monumental struggle. You are a unique person, and the standard, fill-in- the-blank options for addressing your mental difficulties are not enough.

You need help that gets at the root causes of your distress, is holistic, effective, respectful, and engages your inner wisdom and humanity. You deserve your healing to occur within a private sphere of safety, serenity, and trust. It’s time to take your first step out of the hole, and embrace the challenge.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”

Professional Burnout

The modern, technologically-connected world is a harsher, and less forgiving, place than we’ve been led to believe. Professionals are under more stress, and are more emotionally and socially alienated than ever before. Before the professional life you’ve carefully built, over the decades, comes crashing down around you, you need to regain your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

There are clear steps, tools and interventions to employ. It’s time to determine the causes of your exhaustion and burnout, and eliminate your chronic stress, unhappiness and despair. You can step outside of the box, and learn to permanently shed the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that are dragging you down. It’s time to embrace the challenge.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”

Interpersonal And Family Relationship Problems

You’ve been conditioned to believe that “home is where the heart is,” but when your marriage or your relationships with friends, children, siblings, parents or other family members is rife with discord and dysfunction, home and friendships can feel unsafe. Your primary relationships, instead of providing comfort, feel like the last places to find emotional shelter and relief from the other stressors in your life.

You can discover and address the root causes of this slow and emotionally-excruciating collapse into physical and emotional isolation, before you prematurely end your marriage, friendships or other familial relationships.

You need healthy connections to be well. And, you can learn how to pursue joy, loving relationships with family and friends, fulfillment and renewal at home and work. You can nurture a genuine and sustainable regard for yourself and others. It’s time to fix your unhappiness and despair, before it’s too late to mend the fences that are already started to break. It’s time to embrace the challenge.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”

Traumatic Experiences

When you have experienced overwhelming loss, “failure”, hurt, betrayal, or another traumatic event that has resulted in debilitating bouts of physical, mental and emotional distress, it feels like your life is defined by, and shackled to, these painful experiences. You see few if any avenues of escape. But, you don’t have to suffer in silence, be held back, or lose everything you’ve worked to accomplish in life.

And you can avoid publicly revealing details of your most private personal experiences, through a searchable medical record, or series of insurance claims to seek assistance. You deserve to have your life back. And, you can get there, by following tried and true steps, while working outside a “medical treatment” model, in a completely confidential and nurturing environment.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”

Physical Well-Being

Your commitment to professional achievement may have resulted in material wealth and professional advancement, but taken a toll on your body. Your pursuit of success has led to problems like extreme stress, exhaustion, and even medical problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar, excess weight and severe symptoms common among mental disorders like depression and generalized anxiety.

Fixing what’s wrong with your overall health requires more than just adopting diet and fitness regimens, or taking medications that addresses physical symptoms, while neglecting the fundamental issues. It’s time to address the physical ailments that result from chronic stress, unhappiness and despair. It’s time to step outside of the box, take on life-design, whole-person interventions, and embrace the challenge.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”

Emotional Well-Being

Although one in five people in the U.S. is currently taking medications for emotional/psychiatric reasons, when you suffer from emotional distress, you often suffer alone. Tragically, no one talks about this stuff. And there are clear career and professional consequences to admitting difficulty. Societal stigma associated with seeking professional help can be a major deterrent. But, it does not have to be!

I want to help you. You do not have to suffer, and you are not alone. It’s possible to love and respect yourself. You can transform your experience, and become resilient in a safe and nurturing environment. It’s time to empower yourself, and move beyond medications as the answer to all ills.

Let’s focus on the elements of your life that will result in a sustained and renewable sense of happiness, contentment, balance and self-worth. In the process, you won’t just learn to heal yourself, you will find yourself an active participant in healing our world. It’s time to embrace the challenge.

All cards shown are the creative work of Eve A Wood, M.D. and Hay House Publishing, and are included in the kit “What Am I Feeling and What Does It Mean?”